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Say hello to the newest sensation in the candy universe – Mushroom Sweet Tarts Mibblers! These delightful treats are bursting with flavor and just the right amount of mushroom goodness for any moment. Whether you’re craving a quick boost or simply want to indulge in a scrumptious snack, Mibblers are your go-to option. Dive into a bag now and experience the mouthwatering taste of these bite-sized, fulfilling candies.

Based out of the Bay Area, Mibblers infuse the spirit of innovation and culinary excellence into every candy. With each bag containing 2 grams of mushrooms, Mibblers offer a delightful blend of sweetness and natural goodness. Treat yourself to a dose of joy with every bite.(mycrochips chocolate)

Introducing the latest addition to the candy world – Mushroom Sweet Tarts Mibblers! These delectable treats are not only flavorful but also offer the ideal microdose of mushroom for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a little pick-me-up or want to enjoy a tasty snack, Mibblers are the perfect choice. Try them now and discover the delicious taste of these fun-sized and satisfying candies.

1 Bag = 2Grams of mushrooms

Micro dosing with Mibblers 

Micro dosing is one of the biggest trends. Nonetheless, It is the main factor for the rapid increase in the demand for mushroom chocolate bars. In fact, there is no one way to properly micro dose as it all depends on the individuals tolerance level. Therefore, the guide below is more of a directive on how to consume Mushroom Sweet Tarts depending on the effects you want to achieve.

    • Micro : This is basically starting off with 1 -2 pieces of the Mushroom Sweet Tarts Mibblers. In sum, it is recommended for beginners that are just trying out the bars for the very first time.
    • Therapeutic : This dosage is recommended for intermediate users and it is at this point where you start feeling the psychedelic effects of the Mushroom Sweet Tarts. In other words, this got from consuming between 3 – 6 pieces of the bar.
    • Shamanic : This is anywhere between 7 – 12 pieces or more. This dosage is for more advanced users and those that have a mastery of psychedelics trip. This level leads to hallucinations and supernatural experiences.
Product Spotlight: Mibblers Grape
  • A Taste of Tradition: Mibblers encapsulates the ancestral wisdom of holistic practices with each grape-flavored microdose, offering a journey back to nature that’s supported by scientific precision.
  • Tailored Microdosing Experience: Grape Mibblers are not just a treat for your taste buds but also a step towards self-discovery, with precise dosing that empowers you to navigate the experience as per your comfort level.

Product Features

  • Consistent Dosage: Mibblers assures a uniform microdosing experience with each grape-infused tablet standardized to specific active ingredient metrics, rather than the variable dry weight of mushrooms.
  • Lusciously Potent: Delight in the robust grape flavor as you embrace the potential cognitive and creative enhancements that come with each carefully crafted dose.

Mibblers’ Commitment

  • Quality Assurance: With a commitment to reliability, Mibblers undergoes strict third-party lab testing, ensuring each dose you take is consistent and trustworthy.
  • Informed Exploration: Mibbler offers not just a product but an experience that’s educative and enriching, aiming to bring forth the best of psilocybin’s potential in a manageable format.

Step into a realm where each microdose is a promise of quality, consistency, and an exploration of the profound. Let Mibbler Grape be your guide through the landscape of your mind, where every flavor is a reminder of life’s infinite possibilities.

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